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10-12-D Class in 009

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I bit the Bullet so to speak, and Bought myself a GEM 009 Baldwin kit. The chassis is from a Graham Farish Class 08 which I recently bought off of E-Bay for the pricey sum of £35.00.

The Prototype

The Prototype is a 10-12-D class, These locomotives were built for the British war department between 1916 and 1917. They were not built to survive the war but many ended up in; The UK, India and Greece after the conflict.

Two Locomotives ended up at the Snailbeach District Railways. They were numbered 538 & 722. The locos soon lost their WD numbers and became known as "Number 3 and Number 4". The locos were fitted with a Bagnall cab extension.

Number 3

Number 4

The Model

The Locomotive I have decided to model is SDR No. 4.

The Loco has yet to be finished and Is currently (For photographic purposes) held together with elastic bands and Blu-Tac.

- Soon to be SDR No. 4 hauls a train of Dundas SDR Coal wagons

- The rounded cab "Blinkers" were bent (rather painfully) with a pair of Pliers.

- Side Profile, Mind the gap! The whistle that came with the kit was supplied broken
. So "the stump" has been push fitted in for the photo.

- The Bogie wheels are from an out of commission Fleishmann wagon, although to scale they are too large for the model to operate properly.

Dad seemed so negative about it when I wanted to order it. I think I have done well considering it is my first Kitbuilt Loco

Whats next?

- Glueing the superstructure
- Adding the brass Detailing parts
- Fitting Bagnall builders plates (If any can be found, A brass oval suffice.)
- Chasing my tail searching around for Brass wire (1mm, 3mm)
- Brass sheet for A Bagnall cab extension.
- Prime and paint.

- Jeorge
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Looks god Jeorge, I feel certain that when completed it will be a nice little loco, keep us posted on progress.


Not much yet, But I have found suitable wheels for the front Bogie.

They are from a Minitrains wagon, which I didnt really want to de-wheel :)S).

I have made the front bogie compensate vertically for slopes etc.. Problem is.. I never thought the screw would foul the track.
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That looks a great little model it looks like you enjoyed building it which is the main thing with kit building.

Congratulations very nice indeed.

Grand job, thats a nice little model.
I was given a book about these locos called "OVER HERE!" by Lawson Little.
I think it's published by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society.
Lots of info and photos, well worth a look at if you want to get into the nitty gritty!

Cheers, GarageBloke.
I really do like that. I have some HOe/OO9 line on my layout that will be put to some good use. This little loco looks a gem.
I Finally got hold of some brass wire! Yesterday I were at the WHR (Porthmadog) and my dad bought me a FR (style) coach. The kit came with more than enough brass wire for the coach and is now going on the Baldwin. Perfect.

I also discovered that the Bolt connecting the bogie to the front footplate/boiler fouled badly on points.a couple of days back I discovered that I put the WHOLE bogie in upside down.. Just my luck i'd used Araldite instead of solder.. two hours of careful but violent prying (Hehe biggest oxymoron) the loco came apart. Quite drastic for only 5 seconds work...

Photos either tonight or tomorow..
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The joys of misreading/misinterpreting instructions. Been there and got the video!



Taken just this morning, My (still unfinished
) 10-12-D sits in almost the same position as her bigger sister sat nigh on 70 years ago! The model being the first Baldwin to sit on Snailbeach trackbed for almost 60 years... Not long now, and hopefully my 1:1 scale will be the second
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what an excellent start.......I envy your skills, honest.

The lil Baldwin should pull well, with all that whitemetal..?

if you use generous curves, bogie wheels ought not be a problem.........however, in my experience the culprits are the excessively deep flanges?
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