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Looking in my local W H Smith's today for a BRM Annual (they didn't have one) I came across the above titled publication. In full colour and A4 size.

There are a number of model locos featured, most of which have won awards:
Lion - in 5inch gauge
Rocket - (no gauge/scale quoted) in silver, brass, wood and marble
(Built 1929 for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as a centre-piece for thir council table.)
'Galvani' - a model of an early attempt (1842!) to build a battery-powered electric loco
Beattie Well Tank - 7.5inch gauge model of an early version of this LSWR loco
'Ayesha' - 2.5inch gauge 4-4-2 designed and built by 'LBSC' (L. Lawrence) in the 1920s
GWR Armstrong goods in 7.5inch gauge
LNER B1 'Bongo' in 7.25inch gauge
LNER B1 'Mayflower' in 5inch gauge
Highland Railway 'Loch' class in 5inch gauge
Rochdale single-deck tram (no gauge/scale given)
Shay loco in 7.25inch gauge
Volk's 'Pioneer' - a model of the 'mobile pier' he designed, built at 1:48 scale

The remaining models include various stationary engines, traction engines, boats and planes and some miscellaneous models.

Cost is £6.99, ISBN 9 770026 732018, and is published by Magicalia Publications Ltd.

John Webb
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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