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100 Years of Progress?

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New research has revealed that steam trains travelled faster than modern electric and diesel trains to Perth and Dundee more than 100 years ago.

The fastest journey time from Edinburgh to Dundee, on a Virgin express train, takes 12 minutes longer than it did in 1895. And a First ScotRail trip to Perth now takes 71 minutes - compared to just over one hour before the First World War.

As reported by ALAN RODEN in the Evening News: Transport lobby group TRANSform Scotland, which carried out the research, today said a "systematic under-investment" in the country's rail network is to blame.

The closure of tracks, such as an old line through Glenfarg in Perth and Kinross - now a motorway - has added to journey times, while there are also more stops at small stations than in the past.

The city council today demanded a major improvement in the length of time it takes to get from Edinburgh to key cities, and said more express trains are needed from the Capital.
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Great picture Dennis and wouldn't that scene transform into a lovely model? Any idea what the place is on the right of the photograph?
I would say the train has departed from the Waverley Station in Edinburgh and passing at the foot of the hill that Edinburgh Castle is built upon!
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If that scene doesn't raise your pulse, you're in the wrong hobby.
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Looks like the loco is backing down southwards towards Waverley Station past Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh Castle is above on the right.
Great photo!
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