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The new Hornby magazine has been publishing ideas by Anthony New in the last few issues. These articles include track plans and 3-dimensional artist's impressions of some of these. The December 2007 (issue 6) has some plans for 'Main Lines in Modest Spaces' mostly based on a layout size of 11ft by 8ft, but which can be reduced slightly.

Several books published over the years include diagrams. There are notable examples by C J Freezer both in Peco publications and his own publications. The PSL (Patrick Stephens Ltd.) 'Complete Guide to Model Railways' edited by Michael Andress also has some layout suggestions. Your local library may have some railway modelling books available as well. Exhibitions often have a stall or two selling books, both new and second-hand, which may be of help

Seeing other people's layouts at exhibitions can give you some good ideas as well.

John Webb
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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