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I am considering my options for a new OO layout approx 11 ft X 6 1/2ft. (with a large central access hole) Can anyone point me towards any good track plans?

I am open to suggestions but my prorities are as follow:

At lease one continuous run (circuit)
2 levels
Fictional location - region not important, mid 60s era
a small country station
some small shunting / industrial area - prefer to keep the track density low for realism
opertuntity to model railway in open countryside
no 1st radius curves (ideally 2nd radius on main circuit will be hidden)
Ideally a hidden storage area

I know it's a bit vague but I am having a devil of a job deciding what to build.

thanks in advance


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QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 19 Dec 2007, 18:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm also surprised that you mention set-track curves. For realism I would use (and on my layout have used) the largest radius possible. In that size you could just about get 3ft radius curves or maybe a little smaller. An advantage with fairly large radius curves is that they don't have to be hidden. I have over three quarters of my layout as scenic area. That size is also just about large enough for double track mainline although this would mean cutting the inside radius down closer to 30 inches.

My layout is wider but only a few inches longer. I have modelled a small station which is going to have platforms about 36 to 40 inches long to accomodate three coach stopping trains. However I shall also run five or six coach express trains through the station. I have a lay-by siding inside the double track so that slow goods trains can wait for the express to pass. Outside the double track I have a goods loop with entry to a two-road goods yard for the station.

I would advise not trying to fill the space with tracks but to leave space for countryside. Again I think that this would look better. You could have one long side as storage sidings either on the same level. If you put them below then you have got the problem of seeing what tracks are occupied and by what train. Also you have the problem of access if something goes wrong.

When I have found out how to do it I am going to put pictures of my layout here. In the meantime good luck with your project. Cheers, Robert.

Thanks for the replies, I like the idea of a mainline with a lay by siding through the station.

I refer to settrack radii for convienience only - I too use flexitrack, it's just that I know that passenger trains look a bit daft going through 2nd radius curves, I am not familiar with the actual radius.
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