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We picked up a copy of this new production from Reos and have just finished watching it. The reason for posting about is that it contains a lot of footage of the double headed steam special which was run to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard line. The locos in question are a 4-6-0 and a 2-10-0.

A couple of other "specials" are also on display - the 6 car "Gottardo"? and one other steam loco hauling what looks like DB stock, so maybe it was a DB loco as well?

There's also a lot of footage of freight trains on the days in question with what looks like a "prototype for anything" nature about it. There are a couple of quad headed freights - imagine the cost of that little lot if you could only get the models from HAG! - and one clip where two locos are hauling a single wagon.

Look out for it the next time you are at a show.

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