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1968 and all that!

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I just thought I'd share some images taken on the last Saturday of the show (31.05.08) when the sun actually shone!

Train Sky Wheel Rolling stock Track

The Q6 in light steam with the footplate open to visitors

Train Sky Vehicle Wheel Rolling stock

Coaling the locos, from L to R, the K4, Oliver Cromwell and the Statfold Hunslet

Sky Wheel Train Motor vehicle Vehicle

Oliver Cromwell gets a tender full

Train Land vehicle Sky Vehicle Wheel

The Hunslet - the last steam loco built commercially in the UK, 1971

Train Sky Wheel Vehicle Green

Evening Star in the sunshine, the last steam loco built by BR. She's now headed for Swindon.

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Clun Castle - on loan from Tyseley and soon to return to steam

View attachment 438
Ancient - the Beattie well tank

View attachment 439
Modern (?) - the Deltic

View attachment 440
Oliver Cromwell - looking splendid but still unlined.

View attachment 441
Kolhapur - again from Tyseley and also soon to steam again (in red?)

View attachment 442
The K4 and the Super D

View attachment 443
The only one I managed a "footplate" ride on, Captain and Tim take a break between duties

View attachment 444
Not really 1968 et al but Duchess of Sutherland on her way from Minehead to Crewe on Monday (02.06.08)

I'd just like to say thanks to all those who visited the A1 Trust stand and helped us raise a lot of cash at the event. If only all the other traders had done so well.......



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Nice set of photos - a pity I couldn't get there, looks like it was good fun.

Well, I think all the loco crews who attended enjoyed themselves, it was a good opportunity to get together and chew the fat. Those with trade stands were, on the whole, disappointed. The public were being charged £11 for adults and £7 for kids - the latter charge was dropped when the exhibitors kicked up a stink! Things were so quiet on the Wednesday that Capatin and Tim took the wagonette round York with museum staff distributing leaflets from the back which must have helped!

Was stretching the event out over a whole week sensible? I will reserve judgement on that - the "costs" (getting the locos there, etc.) had already been incurred and only staffing would have been a major daily cost but maybe a long weekend would have sufficed. Who on this forum did get there?

QUOTE (60134 @ 5 Jun 2008, 13:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Was stretching the event out over a whole week sensible?

My initial reaction was that this was a long weekend - shows how little I know!

Personally I would say that a week for this sort of thing was overlong, and those prices wouldn't have helped. I know that the cost of loco movement doesn't come cheap, but..............

On the subject of trade I don't know how much the trade satands cost, but with accommodation and fuel etc the overheads would have been pretty high - it's then hard to make any kind of profit.

Trade stands were £400 for the week.... I know one trader only took £5.00 one day....

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QUOTE (60134 @ 6 Jun 2008, 12:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I know one trader only took £5.00 one day....

That is not good, what sort of things were they selling at the event (not just the unfortunate mentioned.)

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The trade stands were flogging everything from prints to models to railwayana to books to magazines. Bachmann and Steam Railway both had stands.

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