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can anybody tell me what the railway postal image was in 1976
ie was it rail express i can't remember . i am building a 1976 era exhibition layout
and i am wanting to do a parcel depot but unsure of signs and the corporate image
for that era. if anybody has any pictures or can point me in the direction of books etc that would be great

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You know, I drove those trains from 1971 until RES took over the RM contract, by which time we were using Class 90 locos in the (best looking) red RES colours.

But, I couldn't tell you what the livery was supposed to be in any particular year, because each train was made up of stock marshalled for type and not colour scheme. We variously had grey/blue, bright red, red/grey, and many odd vans in Rail Blue or so dirty the origin was uncertain.

It is true there is a prototype for everything, including mail trains and the locos that hauled them. So, make up your model train with whatever stock colours you like, the real thing has probably run some night, somewhere, with some loco !
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