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1st Time Train layout help with Old Marklin Steam Loko 89005

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I have just bought an old Marklin set on eBay. Please help me understand the ins and outs of wiring this train set. It came with track that is set on metal base that is 1cm high . It does not have a controller? What kind do I need? Is there a good book for me or a website? Any help appreciated.

Tim in Carlisle, England
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Hi Tim & welcome to the forum,

If the track is tinplate & has a series of studs in the centre of it then it is an AC set which cannot be used on a conventional controller. You will need one made by Marklin. The locomotive will (or should have) a sprung pick up skate between the running wheels, in the centre.

When you have the correct controller one wire will go to the running rails & the other to the centre studs.

Hope this helps.
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