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2006 New models

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Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of rumour or leaked information as to the production plans for Hornby and Bachmann next year. A few years ago at this time of year we were getting snippits of information as to the plans of these companies for the following year. Now its all gone very tight lipped.

Has anyone received any information that might hint at next years production schedules for Hornby and Bachmann. With all these good models I like advance warning to budget for them
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The only rumors (Reagarding Hornby) I have heard is that some of the UK Lima stuff won't be appearing in 2006, and that a Mk1 Slam Door EMU is being developed for release in 2006.

Not sure how true those are, but time will tell really.
Any one know of any Bachmann rumors for what there plans might be for 2006? (Besides the rollover of the Fairburn, 9F, and 108 DMU's)

My prediction is as follows:
I suspect that we won't see anymore 57's this year due to the 47 being released (Presumably). New release wise i'd like to see a couple more variants of the 66 (Freightliner with old light clusters, and GBRf with the revised lights) and either 66951 or 952 (Or one of the new GBRf low emission ones)

Steam wise 'm not sure really as my knowledge of steam is rather limited.
QUOTE (Garry D100 @ 18 Dec 2005, 20:09)While at Warley this year on the Heljan stand where they were launching the Class 33, there were posters of Class 26 and 27. One would hope these will arrive in 2006. I'll have a green and a blue one please


And i'll take one each of those Cargowagons they show in the catalouge ...
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Another comment which i saw this morning (Cut down to the releavnt part):

QUOTE (MREMag 21/12/2005)One former Tri-ang model will be returning next year, using the old tooling - Ed.
Just been browsing Hornby's website in the product catalouge area and a catergory called 'Hornby DCC' has appeared ... Nothing in it ... yet ...
Another snippet from MREmag this morning in reagrds to the Tri-ang model being re-released.

QUOTE (MREmag 23-12-2005)The same model is also going to appear in the Thomas range as a character from one of the books. - Ed.

Hopefully that will narrow down the identity of the model, but i'm guessing that means its not the Blue Pullman.

QUOTE (MREmag For Sunday 01-01-2006)There will be a complete list of Hornby's planned new models for 2006 - all 304 of them! They include 5 newly tooled locos and plenty of Lima models added to the Hornby British range.

Looks like i might need to start to save some money i think ... Or dip into my student loan ...
My comment is that i must locate some money for 2006 ... Its gonna be an expensive year ...
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