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2006 New models

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Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of rumour or leaked information as to the production plans for Hornby and Bachmann next year. A few years ago at this time of year we were getting snippits of information as to the plans of these companies for the following year. Now its all gone very tight lipped.

Has anyone received any information that might hint at next years production schedules for Hornby and Bachmann. With all these good models I like advance warning to budget for them
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Hornby will apparently release certain info on the 1st January.
We will show the Full Hornby range for 2006 when the info becomes available on the 1st of January 2006.
QUOTE (cig1705 @ 28 Dec 2005, 12:31)The Hornby Collector Plus magazine has all the new 2006 releases. Am I permitted to reveal 'em?

ALL info is embargoed until January 1st.

Neither us or anyone else is allowed to release the info before then. Some people do have it and some magazines have published it, but we would be in contravention of the Hornby embargo that we agreed to even if we published the magazine information. People who publish magazine info directly are also probably in contravention of the copyright of the magazines.

Hang-ten until the 1st, then we can talk about it freely.
1 - 3 of 88 Posts
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