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2006 New models

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Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of rumour or leaked information as to the production plans for Hornby and Bachmann next year. A few years ago at this time of year we were getting snippits of information as to the plans of these companies for the following year. Now its all gone very tight lipped.

Has anyone received any information that might hint at next years production schedules for Hornby and Bachmann. With all these good models I like advance warning to budget for them
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For those that buy the BRM magazine, the January issue contains a little glimpse of new liveries for next year, although as usual no hint of any new models.

The January issue with calander was available early at Warley with the following models shown;

EWS CLass 60 as 60026
GWR Clerestory 3rd Class Coach
BR Rebuilt Merchant Navy as 35019 French Line CGT
FGW Mk2 Coach
LMS Coronation as 6226 Duchess Of Norfolk in maroon
BR Ex LMS Full brake
BR Q1 as 33023
Skaledale Fire Station
LNER A1 Flying Fox in LNER Green
EWS Seacow
0-4-0 Christmas Special, bright red with large Hornby logo.
3 Plank PO wagon as George K Harrison Ltd
BR Castle as Fairey Battle

While at Warley, and a point to note if you like to collect the Toy Fair limited editions, previous ones being the Waterman Class 20 and last year the maroon Jinty. I posed the question to the Bachmann club stand to try and find out what next years will be and was told that there may not be one for the retailers as far too many were selling them to make a quick profit when Bachmann had given them as a good will gesture. Needless to say Bachmann have taken a dim view of this and I was told that if they do not make one for the retailers then it maybe made available to the collectors club members.
I will say that this is all up in the air from the impression I got talking to Bachmann so no definate decisions yet. We shall see.
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While at Warley this year on the Heljan stand where they were launching the Class 33, there were posters of Class 26 and 27. One would hope these will arrive in 2006. I'll have a green and a blue one please
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I do hope that Hornby rerelease the 101.
They go for £100's on Ebay which is well over the top.

If they do release it again, all those that have paid through the nose for one will be weeping.

I wonder what price they would be, £40ish would be reasonable.
QUOTE (DS239 @ 21 Dec 2005, 18:58)But only if it's the ex-Lima one,-not the ancient underscale Tri-ang era

oops, yes, I was thinking of the Lima one.
Some Hornby clues from the Model Rail Express website today;

"Don't miss the special update on Sunday 1st January when there will be a complete list of Hornby's planned new models for 2006 - all 304 of them! They include 5 newly tooled locos and plenty of Lima models added to the Hornby British range."

Can't wait...........
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So I can credit the website properly from my previous comment and for anyone who has not seen the Model Rail Express website, here is the link
This has appeared on the Hornby website.

Story Posted: 23/12/2005
For those eager to find out what new releases will be coming in 2006 from Hornby, don't forget to check back here just after midnight on January 1 2006 for all the latest news.

Next year's range has been a closely guarded secret and many modellers will be waiting by their PCs as the clock strikes '12am', and they will certainly not be dissapointed!

The suspense is killing me...........
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I do hope they rerelease the 101 and 121's.

Although not upto todays standards they are still a pretty good model out of the box which become even better with some detailing and weathering.

Not long until we find out now.....
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I received my Hornby magazine today with a complete listing of the 2006 releases.

WOW !!!

Shall I tell........ not.

Cannot think of any subtle hints so Isle be seeing you for now.
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QUOTE (Gary @ 29 Dec 2005, 22:16)Its a tradition that I personally like!

I agree, although frustrating it builds an air of excitement.
Can't wait to see the pictures.

Heres to lots of spending in 2006.

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If you are going to spend, you might as well spend it on model railways.
You can't take it with ya
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