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2006 New models

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Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of rumour or leaked information as to the production plans for Hornby and Bachmann next year. A few years ago at this time of year we were getting snippits of information as to the plans of these companies for the following year. Now its all gone very tight lipped.

Has anyone received any information that might hint at next years production schedules for Hornby and Bachmann. With all these good models I like advance warning to budget for them
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i have actually been holding my breath long enough now to achive the correct shade of nanking blue!

i dont care if the model isnt perfect. at least i will have something i can kitbash!

We will definatly get DCC from hornby but will we get the holy grail of the £5 decoder from them? will we get sound?

"-All this speculation is great fun!" isnt it just!!!!!
Another snippet from MREmag this morning in reagrds to the Tri-ang model being re-released.

QUOTE (MREmag 23-12-2005)The same model is also going to appear in the Thomas range as a character from one of the books. - Ed.

Hopefully that will narrow down the identity of the model, but i'm guessing that means its not the Blue Pullman.

QUOTE (MREmag For Sunday 01-01-2006)There will be a complete list of Hornby's planned new models for 2006 - all 304 of them! They include 5 newly tooled locos and plenty of Lima models added to the Hornby British range.

Looks like i might need to start to save some money i think ... Or dip into my student loan ...
Well I think the Blue Pullman seems to be ruled out now.
Some Hornby clues from the Model Rail Express website today;

"Don't miss the special update on Sunday 1st January when there will be a complete list of Hornby's planned new models for 2006 - all 304 of them! They include 5 newly tooled locos and plenty of Lima models added to the Hornby British range."

Can't wait...........
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So I can credit the website properly from my previous comment and for anyone who has not seen the Model Rail Express website, here is the link
I am sorry to say there are no Blue Pullmans as far as I can see but there will be a new Pullman set, the Talisman with an A3, and the new Premier Boxed.
Happy Christmas.

I'll wager the release is Lord of the Isles = Emily the old timer in TTTE

This has appeared on the Hornby website.

Story Posted: 23/12/2005
For those eager to find out what new releases will be coming in 2006 from Hornby, don't forget to check back here just after midnight on January 1 2006 for all the latest news.

Next year's range has been a closely guarded secret and many modellers will be waiting by their PCs as the clock strikes '12am', and they will certainly not be dissapointed!

The suspense is killing me...........
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I bet the hornby site's crashed by 12:01 then. Assuming that anyone can actually still type at that time on new years eve/day
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Hello everyone this is my first post, although I have been reading this site for many months now. I have it on good authority that Hornby will be doing the following Lima Models sometime this year.

Class101 (Blue and Green)
Class73 (Blue, Pullman and Fragonset)
Class121 (Blue, Green and NSE)
Class 59

No new D&E, but a few unusual Liveries.
I do hope they rerelease the 101 and 121's.

Although not upto todays standards they are still a pretty good model out of the box which become even better with some detailing and weathering.

Not long until we find out now.....
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It would be good of hornby to start with 4 of the rarer models which still command good prices second hand on ebay. Not sure about the 73 in pullman colours though one off loco with 2 names and already been done by lima not to mention i've already got one. However it may mean some spares finally working their way onto the market as my other 73 needs horns, buffers and those plates on the ends for working with southern demu's etc.
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Righty, my predictions are:
1 fully new tooling= Britannia }Together, these give the five MREmag locos
4= "New" (Ex Lima) 101, 121, 73, 59
Lord of the Isles makes a re-appearance- BRM Calendar shows a clerestory- to accompany Lord of the Isles?

R. Morley
I wouldn't mind a retooled britannia given the fact that the latest super detailed tender drive ones still have the mounting on the loco chassis for the old motor. I don't know if they will retool it as the old one just went dcc ready this year.
If you lot check out the rmweb site the new Hornby stuff has all been revealed....
,so you don't have to wait for mremag.....
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We will show the Full Hornby range for 2006 when the info becomes available on the 1st of January 2006.
The Hornby Collector Plus magazine has all the new 2006 releases. Am I permitted to reveal 'em?
I for one hope you will put them on. I'm itching to know what re liveries there will be. I would assume becasue it's your information given to you by hornby that wouldn't be a problem.
No Blue Pullman I'm afraid.Lots of other goodies though.

I suppose , although they don't say it that the ex-Lima models will at least have upgraded mechanisms, that should be good.
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