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2006 New models

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Is it me or has there been a distinct lack of rumour or leaked information as to the production plans for Hornby and Bachmann next year. A few years ago at this time of year we were getting snippits of information as to the plans of these companies for the following year. Now its all gone very tight lipped.

Has anyone received any information that might hint at next years production schedules for Hornby and Bachmann. With all these good models I like advance warning to budget for them
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QUOTE (cig1705 @ 28 Dec 2005, 12:31)The Hornby Collector Plus magazine has all the new 2006 releases. Am I permitted to reveal 'em?

ALL info is embargoed until January 1st.

Neither us or anyone else is allowed to release the info before then. Some people do have it and some magazines have published it, but we would be in contravention of the Hornby embargo that we agreed to even if we published the magazine information. People who publish magazine info directly are also probably in contravention of the copyright of the magazines.

Hang-ten until the 1st, then we can talk about it freely.

Not saying anything except the fact that there are some great new releases.

However, 2006 is the year primarily of only one railway company as far as new tooling goes!
I hope there are more A4's in garter blue, green, black and sliver/grey.
Only a few more days to go and based upon what I have heard and seen 2006 will go down as the best year for the British Railrod enthusiast ever.

If this keeps up I'll have to start my own British Layout!
(My wife will kill me)
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My comment is that i must locate some money for 2006 ... Its gonna be an expensive year ...
I received my Hornby magazine today with a complete listing of the 2006 releases.

WOW !!!

Shall I tell........ not.

Cannot think of any subtle hints so Isle be seeing you for now.
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It appears that if you do reveal any "sensitive" info on here it will be censored until after jan 1st anyway. Seems stupid to me when as seems to be the case hornby collectors have received details via the companies own official magazine 3 or 4 days earlier. Somewhat of a two faced approach in my opinion. Does it really make a difference seeing as no one else has released their product list yet.
One thing i will say is the pendolino makes a bit of sense even if it isn't seen as an obvious or particularly welcome choice as it is also run in Europe which would make tooling a HO or even N gauge version a possibility.
Hornby have provided Model Rail Forum with stunning material that has not been made available to the Hornby Collectors Club magazine or any other magazine!

Model Rail Forum are developing relationships with a number of manufacturers and this is based on trust.

What would you do folks in these circumstances?

Have us break that trust that has built up?

We would like to think that Model Rail Forum members and visitors respect our reasons for this. We are thinking of you after all!

Why not turn up at Model Rail Forum just after midnight on New Years day and see the stunning material for yourself!

And invite all you mates over and join the party. They will thank you for the invite! Trust us on this!

At the end of the day its a bit of fun for everybody concerned, there is a lot of tradition behind this, and I do believe that there are some folk who, even in this day and age, get slightly excited at the prospect of seeing the new Hornby range officially unveiled at one minute past midnight on News Years Day!

Its a tradition that I personally like!

Happy modelling
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I hope your server is primed and ready for alot of traffic come 12.01 on New Years day.
I've heard that we'll have to wait until the toy fair to hear what Bachmann have to offer. Anyone know when that is?
Whatever Bachmann announce and whenever they announce it one thing is certain. Stick another 2 years on top before it makes the shops. Bizarre considering hornby turn most new stuff around in under a year. Maybe hornby do a year of research and development first though who knows.

I do appreciate the lengths companies go to in order to keep things under wraps especially following recent duplication of items I wonder if hornby have any plans to retaliate for bachmann announcing that stalwart of the hornby range the 9F last year apart from the 08 shunter that is.

One thing is for certain as standards keep improving prices keep on rising and inferior products don't always become cheaper as a result.
QUOTE Model Rail Forum are developing relationships with a number of manufacturers and this is based on trust.

Key to the growth of MRF is that it shows itself to be a responsible media outlet. This will have major ramifications down the road that will allow MRF to better serve it's readers. A few days of hide and seek is a small price to pay.

Many companies are skittish in dealing with Internet Portals such as MRF, often viewing us as uncontrollable mobs. Who are unflinching in their desire to flame this or that company. Hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle and offer them a conduit to the buying public that no magazine can compete with.
For what it's worth, I too completely support that position.
I have seen the list in advance also.

Your word is your bond and it must be kept, regardless of others' integrity or lack of it. Each is judged on their own record.
QUOTE (Gary @ 29 Dec 2005, 22:16)Its a tradition that I personally like!

I agree, although frustrating it builds an air of excitement.
Can't wait to see the pictures.

Heres to lots of spending in 2006.

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I really must remember to close down this site after I'm finished browsing so that my wife isn't unduly alarmed; not that she really knows the difference between British and German Prototype. All she knows is that it's money that won't go in the family account.
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If you are going to spend, you might as well spend it on model railways.
You can't take it with ya
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Maybe now that hornby have produced a successful co-co chassis (even though the class 50 and 31 drive wheel arrangements are backwards way round!) perhaps hornby should look at a bo-bo loco. I keep talking about a super detail HST set so maybe that would be a good place to start instead of the very dated and inaccurate model from the 1970's with options for buffered power cars.

If they are going to produce yet another overhead powered electric loco as seems to be the worst kept secret in modelling history perhaps aits time they also made a decent modern representation of an overhead catenary set preferably one which doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Or are we all going to drag the pendolino on the back of a class 57!! Oh no sorry we can't because the heljan and bachmann ones don't have dellner couplings yet.
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QUOTE (Dennis David @ 28 Dec 2005, 23:50)If this keeps up I'll have to start my own British Layout!
(My wife will kill me)

Better make it a Southern- Based one then!
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First let me say "hello" to you all, I found a link here a few days ago and have been checking you out to see if there is anything here that I'd like. Guess what? You all seem to have a good sense of humour, you post frequently, you're helpful in that you share your knowledge with those who know less with out coming over as arrogant know it alls and it seems you can have near realtime conversations.

Me, I'm too young to remember steam, but I do love steam so for my layout I've modelled a fictitious heritage railway so I can run all my personal favourite locos. I'm not over fussed about everything being spot-on so '00' is good enough for me. One of my favourite areas of the hobby is the "tarting up" of older models in as much as coal loads are replaced with real coal, all hand rails are replaced, smokebox darts, etc, etc. Of the locos I've detailed my best yet has to be a conversion of a Hornby 28x into a 2884, a couple of traders I know on the swapmeet circuit say I've increased it's value by about 20% which is pleasing after one of these guys told me not to do it 'cause I'd ruin the value of the donor loco.

Now so I don't get jumped on to much in my first post for straying off topic, I'm going to be around 'til after Hornby tell us what they have planned to separate us from our "hard earned" in 2006, I will not be holding my breath for the model I want, a re-built Bullied light pacific, in particular Daw Valley, in, wait for it, Hogwarts red. As I saw her fly through my local station with just her support coach between Christmas and New Year about 5 or 6 years ago. I know that will likely upset a few people but to each his own I.D.I.C. (see if anyone here share another of my passions)

5696Arethusa aka Andii
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