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Like my forum post I don't want to be controversial but look at the mags as I see them. There are some I know nothing about so obviously won't say anything.

My club earlier in the year came to me and asked which UK mag I'd recommend for the library on subscription. A tough one as all have strengths and weaknesses in my opinion:

The Railway Modeller is still I believe the leader albeit smaller than previously. I haven't read it for years as in my opinion they could be named "Narrow and Rare Gauge Monthly". And no one should ever buy a mag just for the adverts should they? Their reviews are probably a bit too gentlemanly.

BRM is ok I suppose. The ones I've read have never really excited me. Their sister mag MRM has folded I believe; perhaps they should have made it an insert of BRM and then it would have had some serious juice!

The Hornby mag wasn't available at the time but if it was it would got the nod. Many in our club are relaxed modellers and it would have suited them to a 'T'. Or should that be 'H'? I really must take out a sub myself next year!

So I plumped for Model Rail. Not because I think it's any better. I don't. In fact it irritates me as they think everyone is a scale modeller or wants to be one. The only reason I opted for it was they do an international insert every three months so the small number of Continental modellers at the club would be included in the magazine selection. (Remember that my Euro friends!). But if they ever get greedy and make it a separate mag...

I am a firm believer in the more the merrier so I hope all the mags I've mentioned and others continue to prosper!
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