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QUOTE [ RM]A good selection of layouts each month- but far too much NG for my liking.

QUOTE I haven't read it for years as in my opinion they could be named "Narrow and Rare Gauge Monthly"

I've just checked the November and December issues of RM. Grand total of one narrow gauge article (metre gauge electric tramway in 7mm) and one garden railway article, plus a single EM layout. There's also an article on Belfast Great Victoria St , which might not be modelled in 16.5mm gauge. Otherwise its normal OO , O and N. Perhaps my tastes are a little more catholic than most, but this hardly seems excessive - the claim "RM is all narrow gauge" seems to be one of those stereotypes trotted out at regular intervals , and frequently doesn't seem related to the actual content of the magazine
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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