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QUOTE (ozwarrior @ 9 Dec 2007, 08:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I don't know much about the zillion other manufacturers but will make a prediction that Mehano will one day end up in the Bachmann camp! They would compliment Liliput nicely. I wonder if there's been any resistance to Liliput being foreign owned?

I hope I've been charitable to all!

I thought Mehano already were in the Bachmann camp. They are on Bachmanns website.

I was looking at some Roco prices the other day and they have really realined themselves in the budget area. Lots of locos were around the 120 euro mark ( these are obviously not UK prices) and seemed to be very good value.

Same with Maerklin/Trix, there seems a move away from exclusively high cost items to having a substantial number of budget items. They also seem to be concentrating (on the Trix side of things anyway) on the modern image. Scale length coaches seems to be becoming the norm as all new items I have looked at recently seem to be touting this, e.g. the new Trix ICE says it is the first model of this train with scale length coaches.

I think they have gone through the same revolution in business strategy that Hornby underwent and seem to be building on that.
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