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This tends to affect locos with traction tyres on smaller wheels. Is your Mallard an older Hornby tender drive version?

The sideways force on the outer flange when a loco enters curved track will put additional strain on the motor. Beyond this traction tyres are very grippy and the the lateral forces imposed on traction tyred wheels in corners also put additional strain on the motor as the wheels are going to slip a lot less that those fitted without traction tyres to compensate.

Also small wheels are affected much greater than big wheels so modern outline and tender drive steam outline with traction tyres will suffer the most.

One solution is to increase weight as increased mass reduces the effect of the lateral forces on the wheels. This though can be difficult on steam locos with tender drive but less so on modern outline. Once the mass is increased you can then replace the traction tyred axles as the hauling power of your heavier loco should not drop significantly in these circumstances..

Happy modelling
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