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That is a very interesting collection. Worth adding to your watchlist to see what happens.

Based on prices I have seen recently at Vectis for fine examples of A4's the price is not unreasonable and I guess the seller has done his research.

That is a one off sale likely never to be repeated however it is also likely that A4 enthusiasts are similarly well endowed so I wonder who an eventual buyer may be?

If you are going to sell quality pre-owned items on Ebay right now you need to put a reserve on as things are a bit slow.

There is a significant saving on fees and admin doing it the way he has done it.

I personally believe that themed collections are better to be split and sold seperately. If a single buyer wants every item then they will have to bid and win every item. Make a point however that it is a themed collection that is being split so that interested parties understand what is required to put it all back together again as a collection. I sold off 7 etched brass Clerestory coach kits a few weeks ago. They would have made a superb rake and I sold one off each night for 7 consecutive nights. A single buyer bought the lot.

That same rule rule does not apply to general train sets and accessories that have been stored unboxed in the loft for 30 years. Basically its junk and should be donated to a charity shop. For some reason folk get excited when clearing out the family loft of the house they have inherited. If it looks old and dusty it must be worth a fortune. Blame Bargain Hunt and such like for the flashing £££££ signs before the eyes. More often than not it will be a dissapointment. You only hear the good stories.

Happy modelling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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