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So you all know by now, despite my many years on the railway, having reached retirement age I am now embarking a new career in the model railway world. So tell me compared with 00gauge, how different is 3mm ? The only other two gauges I know are 0 and N.
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Apart from being more of a 'scratch and kitbuilders' scale.....and having one of the best supporting organisations of any scale........the main difference is in the 'bulk' of each item.

TT..or 3mm scale, is to my mindthe best of all worlds, for a railway.

N gauge..or 2 mm scale, is just too much like watchmeker's stuff for my liking.....and for an older person, requires considerable eyesight correction.

OO [4mm] or even HO [3.5mmscale] are popular, and VERY well supported by the trade, especailly with ready-to-run stuff.....however....if one is strapped for space...or finds the idea of self- making of stuff, rather than chequebook, buying off-the-shelf trains....the 3 mm scale is ideal.....not so tiny that one's eyesight is strained....yet needs considerably less space than OO or HO stuff...

so to my mind, 3mm scale [or TT] combines the space requirements of N gauge, with the size and detail advantages of OO.

and I am looking at an old Tri-ang TT suburban brake coach as I speak..all I have left off my youthfull TT empire.
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12mm is the gauge used by Tri-ang for their TT range....which basically did me for model railways as a youngster....apart from my small foray into OOn3......and a dabble in OO.

The multiplicity of gauges...and indeed, scales, is confusing.

UK, European and US makers used 3 or 4 different scale ratios....I'm not sure which is what without searching, but I believe the likes of Zeuke, Berlinerbahn [is that right?],etc used 1:120 scale...and the 3mm society used another ratio...Tri-ang used yet another, and so on.

[does ANYONE remember the Zeuke narrow gauge RTR models?
they had a smashing 0-8-0 tank loco.....H0 on TT track?]
now I'M confused.....

one still finds much Tri-ang TT bits cheap on ebay....

do Peco still do their Indivdulay track for 12mm gauge?
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