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So you all know by now, despite my many years on the railway, having reached retirement age I am now embarking a new career in the model railway world. So tell me compared with 00gauge, how different is 3mm ? The only other two gauges I know are 0 and N.
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Basically , with 3mm , you'll be building your own chassis. There are a few continental RTR motorbogies around for 12mm gauge but that's it.

Its probably the best supported non-commercial scale for British outline , and reasonably suitable 12mm gauge trackwork is available in the form of the Peco HOm 12mm gauge range. However 12mm gauge is even more under scale in 3mm than 16.5mm is in 4mm. Hence the finescale 14.2mm gauge.

TT is really a different animal and strictly Continental - 2.5mm/ft (1:120) and a fully commercial scale/gauge at least for German/Central European outline, although of course the range of models is much smaller than HO or N. Could be worth a look if you fancy something a bit different

Basically 3mm /ft = British outline

TT =1:120 ., Continental [ In the Communist bloc , they never developed N, so the only gauge smaller than HO was TT , and the main TT manufacturer , Tillig, is the revamped E.German brand of Berliner Bahn. ]
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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