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Right, from a Working Time Table for Passenger trains between London, Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Norwich etc., BR ER May 1970 - May 1971, for trains running within the ER:

A = King's Cross (Up Main Line trains)
B = King's Cross Division
C = Liverpool Street Division
D = Doncaster Division
H = Hull Division
J = Sheffield Division
L = Leeds Division
N = Newcastle Division (I assume as it's a 1970 WTT this was after the NER was made part of the ER?)
P = Norwich Division

It then goes on to say "For internal GE trains see Sectional Appendix"

Now the second train in the TT is 1K16 - a train which splits at Cambridge, part going to Yarmouth and part going as 1B55 to Peterborough - presumeably the K is one of these internal GE codes. Other trains to/from Liverpool Street:
'T' appears to be used by Chingford trains
'P' = Hertford East trains
'L' = Cambridge trains (also the local service Cambridge/St Ives)
'M' = Enfield Town trains

This WTT does not cover the line through Stratford, so I've no idea of the codes used there. And while it is 1970, I don't think the codes would have changed much from the 1960s.

Hope this is of help,
John Webb
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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