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4 pole switches, scissor crossings and DCC.

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Hello all,

I've been looking through the instruction that come with Peco's code 55 scissor crossing again - and remembered that I actually bought the 4 pole switch shown as being required to work the crossing. The switch wasn't cheap (£10-15 if I remember rightly) so I'm wondering if this setup will work with DCC? I don't mind having the flick the switch depending on how the points are set - and it'll mean that I can use Richard's masterswitches (which let's be honest aren't cheap either - not complaining Richard) elsewhere on the layout.

Can anyone see any problems?
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i would be tempted to make the whole thing DCC friendly first, but what is the protocol for using one?? do all four points throw at once, or do they throw in pairs like 2 single crossovers overlayed?? i can see the sections of the diamond crossing part requireing auto reversing units depending on which way a loco runs through it like double slips??
You don't need a reversing unit on a double slip. The frog polarity is changed by using either a point motor with a built in switch or by an off-point switch which is used to control the point motor.
This page on the Loys Toys website shows what switches you need for DCC operation. It also shows how to connect an auto reverser if you so wish.
I know that in my instructions with MasterSwitch that it included for one of these scissor crossings in there with complete instructions and wiring diagram.
Hi again James.

I've wired my (2) scissor crossings exactly the way as is shown in Richard's instructions for the MASTERswitch + using 2 No. MS+s and 3 No. push button switches. I have also connected 8 LEDs as route indicators. (See my control panel pictures). The centre push button operates all 4 points to set the 'through route' on both tracks and the outer two buttons set the 'cross-over routes'. A piece of cake if you follow Richard's wiring diagram.
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