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40060/97405 Ancient Mariner

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Hi everybody, I'm new here. Over the past 6 months I've rekindled my interest in railway modelling in general and '80s era BR in particular.

My first post on here is a request for information if anybody can help.

I've created a 4mm rendition of 97405 in the last few months of her operational life, and I need some detail of the unofficial, painted nameplate she corried through this period, a photo or drawing would be ideal. As far as I can determine from other other sources, the name was 'Ancient Mariner' in yellow on a red background, but I can find no detail of the size, typeface, or crest.

Does anyonoe else recollect this loco?
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These four locomotives were renumbered from Class 40 locomotives, which had all recently been withdrawn from normal traffic. In 1985, they were returned to use and employed on engineering trains around Crewe. A major scheme was in progress to remodel the railways around the station. After these duties finished, the locomotives were withdrawn in 1986/87. However, three of the four were later preserved.

Copied from Wilki. I hope this is some use to you.
According to "Preserved Locomotives of British Railways" (Platform 5 Publishing, 12th edition, 2007), 97406, 07 and 08 are the three preserved ones, respectively D335-40135, D212-40012 and D318-40118. So it seems your particular loco of interest is scrapped.

And welcome to the forum!

John Webb
Thanks guys, and thanks for the welcome

I know she was scrapped, but for the period I'm intending to model, she was a frequent visitor to these parts on trip workings. I've got plenty of photos of both ends but for some reason I never thought to get one of the middle bit where the name was
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