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Hi folks

I've been seaching the net for a supplier of 45 Ton Bogie Well Wagon GWR or other big four not BR in N gauge, can't seem to find any? Any pointers on where to look please?

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Hi Swingcats.

I've been looking for the same thing myself without success. The closest I can find is a 20.5 ton Lowmac or a GWR Loriot, both of which are available via the N Gauge Society.

The only N Gauge 45 Ton Well wagon I can find is a LMS/BR Low Bed Trestrol Wagon, also available from the N Gauge Society.

I'm attaching pictures of the Loriot and the LMS Trestrol wagon but do not have one of the Lowmac.

View attachment LMS_Tressle_Well_Wagon.pdf

View attachment GWR_Loriot.pdf

Looks like some GWR transfers and a bit of bluffing might be the only way at the moment




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