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i use contact cleaner on the comutator. i think it works very well. I try to remove the commutator and take it outside and give it a quick squirt.
I dont use WD40 for anything.
I think this is one of those subjects that different people use different things. i dont think it does any harm. its what ever works for you.

WD40 is definatly NOT the right thing to use. WD40 is a mixture of oil and dry cleaning fluid and is designed to displace water and replace it with a film of oil. so if your trying to remove oil spraying the item with another oil would be pretty pointless!!
(by the way thats what WD stands for - water displacer and the recipie was the 40th attempt or at least thats what i was told at collage)

It may be that one of the windings on your motor had burnt out or become detached. withought taking a look its difficult to tell.
That happened with my voyager.

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