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4mm kit - Metropolitan/LNER H2 4-4-4T

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This is a project which I am supporting: it is a non-commercial exercise sponsored by a modeller to fill a gap in his collection. Expressions of interest only are required at this stage.

A small run of a high fidelity 4mm kit of the LNER H2 4-4-4T is to be produced if sufficient interest is shown by modellers in this exciting and handsome engine. As far as I know this prototype has never been offered as a 4mm kit before now and it is unlikely that this opportunity will arise ever again!

The kit is to be produced by Worsley Works and will feature high quality Brass Etchings with Whitemetal/Lost wax fittings. The kit will be suitable for P4, EM and 00. The cost of the kit will not exceed £99. We hope for a delivery date of May 2008.

If you think the kit might be of interest to you could you please express your interest by emailing Allen at Worsley Works. [email protected]

For more details please feel free to ring me on 01803392525

John Armstrong
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I have been involved with this a little.

My interest has been noted and I will be buying a kit when available!

Hope you reach the 30 sales required John!
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