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***More like me hijacking your thread Paul - Its I that should be saying "Sorry"

Re other S&C box info - thanks to both of you - I have the Anderson/fox book and a selection of about 20 other S&C related books of various vintages all with some data plus perhaps a dozen related S&C station / signal images from the HMRS - but as noted, the signal diagrammes in Fox are much later than my modelling period so I was hoping to one happen onto the pre-ww2 diagrammes one day.

The line was quite different before BR as there were no loops of facing points at all including at Blea Moor until mid WW2 making (I presume) many of the siding related signalling situations slightly different... and thats the way I've built it with the only exception being a single change each at Stainforth and Settle where I've turned a single slip into a double slip to make operations a wee bit easier for guests.

What I may do one day is cheekily ask 'Expert John" for a suggested signalling change so my model mirrors reality but also reflects my layout trackage properly, as I only know enough to be in danger of silly errors when it comes to that subject!

Re the signal on Ribblehead I had read that it was replaced by the LMS before WW2 with a more conventional 2 arm (one above the other) signal with the arms correctly on the same side of the post and it looks like the signal was also reconstructed much taller to improve sighting but thats not important - I was hoping that there may be better pictures of the original, and anyway, you may well be 100% right anyway as my only source for the data is an extended caption to the viaduct photo...and photo captions are often slightly wide of the reality.

The only thing I can be sure of there is that if I guess, just as I finish it a new photo will arrive to annoy me over the slightly incorrect details :).

Paul - ou've doe the LED exactly as I use the 1.8 - it works well doesn't it! if you want to email me a photo I can post if for you. The wire by the way is Kynar - silver plated, very fine with the thinnest possible insulation.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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