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4MT and Kadee

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I note that mention has been made that the Bachmann 4MT does not suit Kadees very well.

I need to add Kadees to mine.

Has anyone a solution, especially for the rear coupling as this is far too high?
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We are talking std 4mt tank
The main problem is the height of coupling under the coal storage. For determining the height I used the kadee gauge, measure the difference with a vernier and then use this to produce the correct height.
I screwed a no 19 to the outside of the NEM box which if I recall is too high for the Kadee height gauge. I have a selection of small self tapping screws, in this instance I used a brass C/S wood screw. I have many thousands of self tappers in stock for fitting kadee's so if you want to buy and I know there difficult to obtain Mainly Trains are selling their 1/8" self tapers for £1.10 / 20 and £2.95 P&P I'll do 200 for £5.50 P&P @ £2.95 if anyone wants to order.
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Here you go then,
the Kadee which I think must be a no 20 is drilled through the shank and lightly C/Sunk it's held in place by a miniature brass C/R screw. If you look carefully at the photo you will see the coupler is mounted to the bottom of the NEM pocket. "someone owes me a beer"

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