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Try this link for topic 4592 - ESU ECoS Control Radio (deja vu), New DCC control item

Try this one for topic 4760 - Important information for 50100 Mobile Control users, Exchange for new Radiocontrol possible

Try this for topic 4606 - ESU at Nurnberg

When searching for previous stuff on the Forum, don't forget that the "classic" Forum search ignores search keys of 3 letters or less, so searching on ESU on its own will fail. Use the Google site search instead.

I have no idea why Neil's links don't work. I used the Preview post button to check these links before I finally pushed "Add Reply". I picked up the URL by hovering over the #1 at the top left of the first post's title bar.

I hope this still works once I do post, or I'm going to look a right 'nana!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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