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6233 hits bridge ?

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I hear that 6233 hit a bridge yesterday or the day before. Not being in the UK, I can not obtain any confirmation or details.
Can anyone give any information ?

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The top of the firebox cladding clipped a bridge on the Harrogate circle section of the Scarborough Spa Express, as a consequence it is now diesel hauled on that section with 6233 taking over from York to Scarborough. No major damage but a few questions are being asked as to why it occurred.



Is it just on 6233's turns or are the A4's allowed to complete the circle?

If its diesel hauled that will certainly be the final nail the coffen for the SSE as its not selling well anyway, carn't think why, at under £40 all day rover for 200 ish miles is great value, if I had the cah to spare I would be on it

What a blow! (no pun intended!)

This is not the first instance and will certainly not be the last. Track re-grading often reduces the clearances under bridges and Network Rail have clearly failed to check this one. All mainline steam locos have been pared down to 13' to fit the universal Uk gauge and yet it was only a couple of yers ago that King Edward lost his safety valve bonnet at Paddington and a Castle lost the capuchon from its chimney (sorry, can't remember which).

In order to skim another inch off her height we had to cast a second chimney for "Tornado" and slice an inch off the cab!

I think the A4 is ok for that section. It was bridge 29 near Harrogate.


QUOTE (Dan Hamblin @ 3 Aug 2007, 18:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think the A4 is ok for that section. It was bridge 29 near Harrogate.

The previous week Union of South Africa went gone both ways round the circle without hitting anything
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