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A 50 year-old MAJ models GWR coach kit.

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Just finished, this old MAJ Collet Passenger Brake Van kit. Given its age, this £15 item went together reasonably well, although a lot of age-related warping had to be contended with. The self-adhesive sides has held up reasonably well though, without too much shrinkage. The lettering / branding is by Railtech [never used their transfers before and am quite impressed by them] and I have added etched door handles and grab rails to lift the very flush appearance of the sides. The coach is extremely free-running.

Obviously, these look a little dated when compared with the latest Hornby Collets or Hawksworths, but that's not the point: the build was extremely satisfying and where else would you get a PBV for just £15?

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I expect that like many of us, my assemblage of older coach kit builds that aren't quite up to current standard was out of use on a shelf; until I was reminded of the weekly ECS train from the KX area to Doncaster works for repairs which couldn't be dealt with locally. This usually got a V2, 9F, or VB fitted eight coupled goods loco to cope with the brake and bearing defects inflicting extra drag, and was often a very eccentric collection of stock.

Should think this must have been a common feature all over the steam railway, probably persisting into the early D&E period.
Hi, I haven't done any modelling since I was about 9. This reminded me of some stuff I have hidden away.

Whilst I've seen plenty of cars on MRR layouts horse drawn models are scarce. Horses were still very much in use as transport in the early 1900's and as that's what I'm modelling, I have been looking for some horse-coaches to include. While Artitec of the Netherlands does some great pre-made models, I haven't found much in the way of diy models.
I did find these Jordan Highway Miniatures models about 8 years ago and bought about 30 kits.
Jordan's was a small scale maker and the owner has since passed away taking a small slice of MRR history with him.

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I haven't got to building any yet...
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