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Hi, Im a real beginner in all this, totaly un-equiped. ive had trains for many years boxed up But today, there out alltho all i have is one GP50 loco, one hopper and one box car, first time they have run in 5 years, at the moment i just have an ovel track spend most of my time just getting it to work. look forwords to learning more here, sepecialy about making realistic senary (all i have is a green board with a building on it) Im picky I like things real, and mostly want to learn about making realistic scenery and weathering trains.

And here is what own, hope it will grow (as my wallet shrinks)

I also have a couple of buildings and a few cars, but no photos of those. and sory about bad photos.

So hi everyone, Hope i can learn from you and make this a bigger hobby for me.
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