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Hi Cem,

Well it is a thought.

In terms of your G12 - Class 58 example, that was caused by a numbering change from the German provincial railways to the DRG in 1925. All class 58's were previously german provincial rail 2-10-0 freight locomotives.

Class 58.0 Prussian G12.1
Class 58.1 Saschen XIII H (14 examples built 1917)
Class 58.2 Baden G12.1 - G12.5
Class 58.3 Baden G12.6 and G12.7
Class 58.4 Saschen XIII H (62 examples built 1919-1924)
Class 58.5 Wurttemberg G12
Class 58.10-21 Prussian G12

I would have though locomotive design followed the individual railways CME's thoughts.

That being said the DRG class 64 (2-6-2 tank) did share a huge amount of parts with the class 24 (2-6-0 tender).


1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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