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A group build....

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A few people have suggested another group build, so here's what I'm suggesting

We take a basic Dapol kit like this:

and build it, no racing ahead just take the kit and we discuss a) how to build it, b)how to improve it, c) weathering and finishing, and possibly d) fitting into the landscape.

I picked the building above for two reasons, firstly it's a very simple kit, and secondly it's widely available.

So, who's going to join in?

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The Proxxon mill is a bit small Richard, very restricted table size
and tiny cutters (slot drills or end mills).
if you want a bench mill the American Sherline is a very nice
small mill for your type of work, and you avoid the problems
with Chinese quality.
I very surprised you didn't wall paper the rooms
, and add some washing on the line.
Good effort so far.
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1 - 2 of 328 Posts
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