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A group build....

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A few people have suggested another group build, so here's what I'm suggesting

We take a basic Dapol kit like this:

and build it, no racing ahead just take the kit and we discuss a) how to build it, b)how to improve it, c) weathering and finishing, and possibly d) fitting into the landscape.

I picked the building above for two reasons, firstly it's a very simple kit, and secondly it's widely available.

So, who's going to join in?

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I've just ordered one, so count me in!
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Got mine here now. Ready and waiting!
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I wish I'd left my windows out until after I had done the modifications.
It would certainly have made painting the frames a lot easier, but at the time the Whole house was going to be white with mock-tudor beams.
I do have a habit of winging it, and modifying as I go.
If I was doing several similar buildings then the process would have been simpler on the following buildings. You learn as you go!

The plan initially was just to have a sloping tiled roof over the door as I thought the rounded canopy looked out of place. Then I thought it would look better balanced with a matching tiled roof over garage.
Now the plan is to move the garage doors forward, level with the front wall.

This is the before shot.

And the after shot.

Still a lot of work to do yet.
The lower half is brickwork, whilst the upper half of building is meant to be tiles. The plasticard I used looks more like breeze-blocks or stone though. Will see if painting will improve it's appearance.
Making the room partitions is going to be fun as none of the windows line up. It's almost as if there are two building fronts, or they forgot to reverse the rear wall plans.

I've added a temporary floor to try to straighten out the building front, but this is just bowing, hence the black reinforcement at ceiling level. However this is just bowing the rear wall.
Hopefully when the roof is attached it will hide the distortion.

I think fixing the whole building onto a base is going to help hold things in shape. Have to see what I can find in the spares bin.
I doubt this will go onto my layout as I think it will be a bit too modern, so will be a small diorama.
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Whatever happened to the "Group Build"? It seems so long ago and all forgotten now.

It seems decided now, that if something is worth doing, you should do it right! So why on earth would anyone want to build a mere "un-prototypical" Dapol kit?

Silly me, I thought it was all about being creative!

Anybody want to buy a part built, part modified house?
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