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A J94 alike

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Having found a built Dapol J94 loco in the model shops scrap bin, ie take it away as no use for resale I wondered what I might do with it. Some years ago I had re wheeled a Triang Jinty chassis with smaller wheels and fitted pickups on all wheels for an 0/16.5 loco. This had long gone but the chassis remained. The rebuild was not difficult except for the rather 'soapy' plastic which Dapol used in this kit, perhaps due to recycling? Access to the body screws is by removing the front coupling and through the ventilator roof in the cab. Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Combat vehicle Toy
Train Wheel Rolling Railway Rolling stock
Train Wheel Window Rolling stock Vehicle
Train Wheel Rolling Engineering Automotive wheel system
Wheel Train Land vehicle Rolling stock Vehicle
Anyway the result is a bit like a Hunslet 48150/50550/Austerity which looks quite good in my opinion.
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I think you have a 'Hornslet' there. Looks perfectly credible.
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