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A little guessing game

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I spent a small fortune on the internet today for my latest purchase (I may need to sell some older stuff on eBay, so if there are any takers for a Trix class 96 in Ep.I... sorry, back to topic.
)... I´m looking forward to seeing a yellow DHL truck pull up, with the driver getting out and ringing at my door - and when I have fun, everybody should.

The first forum member to guess what I have bought will be sent a yummy bar of German chocolate (I´m thinking Hachez 55% cocoa)
. By mail, from Yours Sincerely. (hope I can send it to everywere, if an Australian member guesses right)

Three hints:

- an engine

- Gödel will REALLY drool over this one

- not available in stores

So, what may it be?

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I'm guessing it must be an Austrian electric of some sort but I'll have to go off and do some research to make a better guess.

I'll do it for the fun as the choclate will be mush by the time it got here.

Any pictures of the Trix 96?
I cheated too but was pleased to see it was pretty much what I expected.
QUOTE (goedel @ 7 Apr 2008, 03:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I wonder what a UK Taurus would look like?! The flag is nice and complicated...but then for some reason the regions of the UK compete by themselves and the England flag is a simple design without the other bits. We will never know...

That's because they are separate countries with separate cultures who are unwillingly under English occupation and will use any means available to express their individuality when it is available to them.

Personally I think a Welsh Taurus would be awesome. The English and Scottish ones wouldn't be much cop though unless..... there was a lion rampart one
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QUOTE (poliss @ 7 Apr 2008, 22:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Welsh flag, which is not included in the Union Flag, has a red dragon. Not sure if it's rampant or not. :)
No it's not. Rampant means standing up rearing. The dragon does look very good though. Even though I'm not Welsh I would buy a Taurus with that logo on it.
QUOTE (BRITHO @ 8 Apr 2008, 21:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Incidentally I am aware that the Welsh flag has a dragon on it - the comment was about inflatable plants as seen at rugby matches.

That's good to know Dave. It wouldn't be nearly as nice a flag if it had a leek on it.
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QUOTE (Basil @ 22 Jun 2008, 23:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Do aussies play soccer ?
They do however we were talking about football.
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QUOTE (Basil @ 23 Jun 2008, 09:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>same problem we have here in the sod. (sod as in clump of earth and term of endearment for this pleasant isle)

language can be a funny thing, you think because a group of people are supposed to be speaking the same language you will understand them. I get into trouble over here all the time because of this.
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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 24 Jun 2008, 01:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Your comment reminds me..

had two scottish reps working for me when I was in NZ for a while...
have a few beers with either and no problem
have a beer with both however....
**after one beer OK
**after two, the accents thickened
**after several, especially if talking football, they were both "back to their roots" and I needed subtitles to stay in the conversation :) :)


That's about the same here.
QUOTE (ebaykal @ 26 Jun 2008, 16:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now prepare yourself to the Russians.

Looks like that will the Spaniards now.
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