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QUOTE (Gary @ 4 Jan 2006, 10:28)For that reason hobbyists may decide to move to digital if for no other reason other than Hornby have offered a system.

Lets nurture those with a new interest rather than put them off with a highly technical discussion!

Is this a reasonable request to make?

Happy modelling

Well said Gary.

As a newbie myself, still using the basic Hornby set controller
, I am now considering moving to DCC, instead of a good quality analogue controller.

I can say without doubt, this has only come about because of the proposed new Hornby DCC systems. The fact that Hornby is embracing this technology gives me a comfortable, warm feeling, coupled with the mainly 'positive' preliminary reviews by members here and on other boards.

Before this Hornby announcement, I was intersted in DCC but couldn't really be bothered to do research and compare different systems, so just left it at that.

Surely the Hornby 'Elite' system will cater for most 'moderate' layouts will it? I mean Hornby have had several years to cherry pick the best bits of other systems, and listen to critics of other systems.

When this discussion about expressnet arose, it got me wondering whether I should research the subject further. Now knowing it is only 1 feature of the system, and I probably will never use it, I feel comfortable again.

I think Hornby have got it absolutely spot on. A choice of systems for the absolute beginner (to draw people in), or the elite system for a bit more functionality. I am an absolute beginner but fancy the elite system anyways.

I also hope that the highly technical discussion about the 1 feature that is expressnet doesn't put people off. (like it very nearly did myself)

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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