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There has been a lot of technical talk on DCC on various forums, started really by Hornbys' announcement.

As a new dabbler in DCC and with a 2nd hand Lenz to start with , I have to say that I would still consider selling it and buying the Hornby system as it seems to have all I want.

What do I want as I am "Mr Average" ?. Basically the ability to drive trains , have lots of locos on my layout but be able to select one without affecting the others and drive it. Minimise my wiring and have the lights working on my superb Hornby Pullmans all the time. Now thats very basic and its what DCC does albeit with lots of other things as well.

I have never had a DC controller with Inertia or Braking for example and I suspect many other people in DC are the same, they want to turn the knob and drive the train.

My feeling is that the average person who will buy the new digital sets whether from Hornby or Bachmann won't want a whole lot more, but will be buying the option to do a whole lot more if they wish.

Having said that I do appreciate the technical information that is on this forum and it is often a help to novices like myself so keep it coming but please appreciate that lots of us will still only use a small proportion of DCCs' capabilities and still be exceptionally happy with it.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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