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A matter of scale.... OO/HO

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Just wondering if there are any trains/locomotives available in both OO and HO?

I understand the difference between them and don't really care which one is 'better' as it were. But curious if anyone sells the same model in both? Being UK based and already owning OO models, it is the obvious choice. Although I think the engineer in me does feel a little irked as the mismatch of gauge and scale with OO. But HO seems to be rare here to buy without importing and paying high shipping and fees.

On the flip side of this thought process. Are there any non UK trains easily available in OO? I quite like some of the US classic 4-4-0 Steam locos and some of their modern diesel electrics. But mismatching scales on a layout or even a display grates at me a little.... :D

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As far as I know, no one brand sell the same model in OO and HO. However, some HO UK trains can still be found in second hand shops and on Ebay. The Fleischmann Class 42 Warship and Bulleid coaches, and old Lima Class 33 and Mk1 and Mk2 coaches and some wagons (but with rather coarse wheel flanges). Roco made a Dutch version of the Class 08 shunter, and the USA 0-6-0 tank is available in HO and in OO. Brekina have recently releases HO scale Routemasters, and various brands have HO British cars, vans and lorries, even RHD versions. Some brands had, or still have, various continental ferry wagons in HO, and one brand made the Type F Wagon-Lits for the Night Ferry train in HO. For the modern scene, variously liveried Class 66s are avalable in both scales.

Have you seen this website? Very interesting.

As for importing and shipping, I dare to assume that you are in the UK, and you are right. Shipping costs to the the UK have shot up due to Brexit, and of course inport duties and VAT may also be due, again, due to Brexit. I'm not trying to rub it in, but there it is.

The only non-UK OO scale models I can thing of would be Irish models, for example, the recent Accurascale Class A diesel and Mk2a-based coaches have also been announced. Of course, due to Irish broad gauge, they are even more "wrong" than OO is - they should use 20mm gauge track.
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