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A matter of scale.... OO/HO

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Just wondering if there are any trains/locomotives available in both OO and HO?

I understand the difference between them and don't really care which one is 'better' as it were. But curious if anyone sells the same model in both? Being UK based and already owning OO models, it is the obvious choice. Although I think the engineer in me does feel a little irked as the mismatch of gauge and scale with OO. But HO seems to be rare here to buy without importing and paying high shipping and fees.

On the flip side of this thought process. Are there any non UK trains easily available in OO? I quite like some of the US classic 4-4-0 Steam locos and some of their modern diesel electrics. But mismatching scales on a layout or even a display grates at me a little.... :D

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variously liveried Class 66s are avalable in both scales.
Having seen some of these on Continental layouts at exhibitions, I was struck at how small they were compared to the other locos running.

P4 Track Company sold out to C&L
As I remember it, Exactoscale made some kind of co-op deal with C&L but following the change in ownership, rescinded the arrangement and took back control. They did mail order briefly but now the only way to get hold of parts is via the appropriate finescale society as described in this webpage -

It's a shame that it has come to that point. :(.
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