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A matter of scale.... OO/HO

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Just wondering if there are any trains/locomotives available in both OO and HO?

I understand the difference between them and don't really care which one is 'better' as it were. But curious if anyone sells the same model in both? Being UK based and already owning OO models, it is the obvious choice. Although I think the engineer in me does feel a little irked as the mismatch of gauge and scale with OO. But HO seems to be rare here to buy without importing and paying high shipping and fees.

On the flip side of this thought process. Are there any non UK trains easily available in OO? I quite like some of the US classic 4-4-0 Steam locos and some of their modern diesel electrics. But mismatching scales on a layout or even a display grates at me a little.... :D

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All that said there is another difference, much as prices have risen for OO models of late (along with everything else) they are still considerably cheaper than HO Continental models, that said too the track from Peco is cheaper, I did run some Flieschman track (it all mixes in code 100) but it was no better than Peco in my view but comes sitting on it ballasted base, Starting now I would opt for Peco bullhead rail although again it depends upon the desired time of the model, there is not that much in 1950 onwards loco and rolling stock that is not available in OO and the quality has come on in leaps and bounds now and basically that is what I would go for, however when I started to invest in the OO system this option did not exist and having a large number of Wrenn wagons I opted for code 100.

As you now know OO is 1 in 76 but the track should be 18mm and a bit not the HO track that it does use, overall it still looks good and after seeing this all my life it is OK so if code 100 is over sized and the track is too narrow even the more scale accurate options of EM (eighteen millimetre) or P4 (18.83mm) has compromises.

Finally whatever you choose there is a sizeable investment to consider so good luck with that and please ask if unsure, the decisions you make now are critical.

Finally for some ideas buy the Peco catalog and the setrack plans book to get an idea of what you might like, it'll help you understand possibilities even if you want a bespoke railway.
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I take it from the original question that your subject knowledge is limited and therefore what you might be more interested in a starter set and to get going rather than jump into the exotic and expensive so I think we now need to hear back from you so we know what you are really looking for
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