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So I've been talking about it for a little while so here's the earliest photo I can find. A slightly plagerised offering from the Peco setrack plan book. It's only 5' by 3' but the aim was it had to be small enough to take with me when we move as we only rent at the moment.

More photos to follow when I have more time. Constructive criticism welcome
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Because I can't seem to find a way to edit an existing post I'll correct my spelling of plagiarized here! More photos coming dreckly...
Ok so the first photo I managed to find was from September 2012 which was after I'd built the baseboard, completed the wiring etc.

Getting the ballast down (October 2012):

Testing out the static grass (25/10/2012) along with a couple of new purchases at the time (Flying Scotsman and Prairie tank (the B12 or whatever it is has been relegated to charit stock since...):

Now off to see 45407 pulling the Royal Duchy tour...
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A brief interlude from the modelling in November 2012

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And so the scenery begins (25/11/2012):

January 2013 involved a fair amount of construction (and swearing

And got a new phone so pictures upgraded:

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Really like the use of space, and the neatness so far.

out of interest, what is the baseboard made of?

Hi Sean

Glad you like it so far! Just used standard 2x1" for the frame and 12mm ply for the board. Made it really easy for cutting holes for point motors etc.

Shows a small space can still allow practising techniques and also fun. Like your real steam too, we got one of the traction engines for my Dad a few years back. Must fire it up for TSC...
Yes, a really great effort for such a small space. It just goes to prove, once again, that less is often more. Keep up the good work!
QUOTE (Iarnrod @ 29 Jun 2014, 20:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Must fire it up for TSC...

Do it! I've been trying to teach my godson (now 10) about heat is energy, energy produces movement but mind yourself because its bloody hot! Tried to buy him a build your own chemical rocket (with launchpad!) For his 10th birthday but was put off the idea when I remembered he lives near a Naval base. I'm sure his mother would've loved me for that!

Glad you're enjoying it so far guys. I should be able to post more photos tomorrow...
Ohhh, I didnt see the Mamods
I have the steam lorry and out of action steam car

and yes please to photos

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Having played with Mamod engines as a nipper I learnt then to be very careful of the temperatures they reach! I think we did once run Dad's for TSC, but he was very little and didn't quite understand. Now he's at Prep School & doing Science properly it could be a good time to remind him of the fun side.

If you're looking for a rocket project have a look at the Rokit. It's a hydraulic one and therefore has educational value as well as being hugely fun!

Some more from the end of January 2013:

Then into March:

And another new purchase... (Silver Link)

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QUOTE (Iarnrod @ 30 Jun 2014, 08:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Rokit

Great suggestion! I'll look into that
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Some more progress from April 2013:

And then up until July (Might see if I can find a couple of missing photos) while I got to enjoy some sunshine

The undercoat goes on in August:

And then marking out some of the scenic areas:

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Well aware updates have been slow... I have actually been doing some modelling although "the man" is taking some sticking to at the moment so trying to find the time for everything is proving difficult. I will get some photos up ASAP!
So a long time coming but some late shifts means I have the mornings to myself. These are from September 2013...

Spraying the cuttings

My girlfriend built the Metcalfe benches for me (still not sure where these are going!)

Cuttings done

Where the pigs will live

I wasn't happy with the original Faller "Premium" ballast so put some Woodland Scenics down. Much happier with this even if it does seem a little overkill

The Mrs checking my spraying work again...

September was a busy month! Started getting some foliage on...

And making my first trees

The tea is brewed now, more updates in a minute
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It would appear nothing much happened in October last year or I've lost some more photos

The tree factory in November 2013

Repair work after my God son had come over to play (

And then Christmas appears to have got in the way of some valuable modelling time although I did get a nice little runner as a present

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This year I've mostly spent building [insert Fast Show quote here] a Ratio GWR carriage and restoring an old Hornby 125 (link to follow).

More to come this week...
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