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A new layout

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Hi, I know I've posted a lot of questions on this forum but I hope this reflects my enthusiasm for this hobby.
A new layout is what I want to do next,in n gauge and a replica of the padstow branch from the iron bridge down to the custom house pub,I understand some deviation from real scale will have to be chopped about and I already have an established layout in oo. But this one needs to be built properly so the same mistakes wont happen. Where do I start? Thanks in advance for your expert opinions and advice.
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Plan, Plan,Plan then Plan some more. Decide if you want to include ALL landmarks or can omit some. Scale distances are hard to achieve in any scale so some compression can be used. Oh, and remember the landscape was there before the railway, by this I mean you want to achieve a railway running through the landscape, not a railway with some landscape for effect, if you know what I mean!
Oh, and keep asking questions!
Cool, thanks for that. I think this should be a good one now I've found ways of avoiding mistakes, already got an e mail back from the chaps involved in a local book released last year, he has offered his help if needed and going to meet up with a few local historians over the next few weeks. Got my pencil and paper ready!
I think it is a relevant point to plan the landscape as well rather than just the track plan. As modellers we focus on the trains being to the forefront of the layout when the relatity is that trains are in the backgound in the real world. Having that extra siding right on the layout edge allows us to store more trains, but by putting a loading dock in we move the trains back into a scenic context.

Another thing not given a lot of thought is how do you want to view it? Good lighting and a sensable layout height is advantagous. Do you want to exhipt it or is it just for home viewing? One of my pet hates at exhibitions is layouts that are displayed at a height that is acceptable at home, but parents have to lift their kids up to see it! Not my idea of what exhibitions are about

Although this site only has germanic layout plans and the site is in German, I personally think that the plans are in English! However, it does provide some interesting insight into this whole scenary/track concept. click on the links on the left of the page to view a number of plans

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Thanks John, just looked at the site,some real great stuff on there, I have saved it in my favourites to look at it full later on, some of the small layouts look pretty impressive
Also thanks for your advise and interest In my new project
Consider joining the N Gauge Society;

You get a free Handbook, bi-monthly journal and all the support you'll need.

Hi Frame69.

Only just picked up on your thread as I have been out of circulation for a while.

Certainly the advice you have received so far is spot on. Particularly the part about plan, plan, plan. Joining the N Gauge Society is also a good idea as, in addition to the points mentioned, you will also get access to detailing parts and rolling stock models which are normally only available at exhibitions as they are made by 'cottage industry' type makers who are themselves keen modellers.

I'm not familiar with the Padstow Branch and you don't state what size your layout will be so it's difficult to make any meaningful or relevant advice other than to suggest that you obtain as many books as you can on the subject which will, hopefully, provide plenty of photographic records to help you with the buildings, topography and scenic features. Another suggestion would be to build a scale model of your intended layout so that you can better 'feel' for how the railway is going to flow through the landscape.

I see from your other thread that you are looking for suggestions for a PC based model railway design package. I have been using Winrail for many years now and find it absolutely superb. Really intuitive to use and with some very powerful features. Unfortunalely it's not free but then the old saying "You get what you pay for" is still true.

Best of luck and keep us posted of your progress.
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Hi Trevor thanks for your advice and interest. The size has not been determined yet as I need to scale it down from the original plan/photographs etc... Im meeting with locals and local historians in the next few weeks as information on this branch appears to be difficult to find.I've gained a small bit of footage from the line and have a few books, also have a connection at the Betjemann centre in Wadebridge.
Thanks once again, Andy.
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