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Loyalty. In the world in general it can be a virtue or misplaced. In modelling terms it's not so serious and the lines blur.
95% of my boxes are red so I think I fit Gary's criteria! (Digressing when some say they are blue box loyalists I know what they mean but it's diluted as Heljan and Vi and Dapol also use blue..hehehe. The boxes themselves become a selling advantage.)
Unlike Richard my loyalty was to Tri-ang and still is. Toys? Yes and toys won! They still do to some extent today; a fact that's incomprehensible to some.
That said, however, I couldn't afford to pay twice as much for British made so Hornby would have taken the Dublo/Wrenn route without question.
So my loyalty repays the fact that Hornby (todays incarnation) brought me into the hobby and if not UK made then still UK owned.
As I was born in the UK I can say this: Nationalistic loyalty as demonstrated by Continentals doesn't exist in Britain. The Europeans have paid a price for this recently and it will get worse in future. It's a form of protectionism by the populace but as the differential grows, more and more will succumb. In saying this Chinese manufacture is an expediency that will also probably change.
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