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Good subject Gary. I've already talked about what I think about the current Hornby regime over on the GNER thread so I will not repeat it here.

I didn't like it when Hornby moved to China. However this has enabled better detailed models at lower prices and so is a necessary evil. However, I'm not sure that Hornby necesserily passed on all the benefits to you and me , the consumer. And there is an issue over quality control.

The key point is that price is a driver no matter who makes the goods.

Hornby should take note of this. Back in the late 50s Hornby Dublo were at their peak- all little boys (and their fathers) wanted one even though they were relatively expensive. Hornby Dublo did not rest on their laurels and brought out "super detailed " models, like the range of Mk1 coaches, but still charged a relatively high price. This allowed Triang ,who were as about half expensive, into the market place. Triang , of course took over Hornby when the model railway crash came in the early 60s (everyone went slot car racing instead!).

There are parallels now:

Hornby producing superbly detailed models
Hornby are relatively expensive (compared to the equally detailed Bachmann)
There are new entrants in the field charging less :- ViTrains,Bachmann, (even Heljan if we are talking 47s!)
The prediction for the UK economy is that in the next 2 years there will be less disposable income.

So maybe ViTrains will deliver the Hornby shake up this time round by producing a decent HST for starters!

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