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There is an old saying,

"There's no loyalty that a dollar wont buy!"

To all the people Im about to upset, Sorry.

For me and I dont like to say this but I would buy Hornby China over made in GB anyday not because of price but qualitity. I find made in china so much more detailed better painted and packed etc.

Whay pay 160 when I can have the same product for 80. I remember as a kid my loco's being returned to the hobby shop for repairs after they came out of the box. 2 months later there back and next day my day starting the process again because the new loco still was not fixed. 4 or 5 times that happened and it has stuck with me.

Im a brand "junkie now" so give me Hornby/Bachmann made in China. I dont like it, but in my opinion the stuff from china is better!
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