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You know I would have instinctively have said yes to paying more for made in Britain until Wiggy reminded of ZTC. I would pay more for made in the UK but only if it was better. Hornby do have some issues with quality control but so did Land Rover who were made in the UK. Even though they are made in China Hornby could always move its manufacturing elsewhere.

Regardless I think Hornby will always have a degree of customer loyalty as they are the company that most of us started off with.

QUOTE It is NOT because they are Hornby and NOT because the General tooling and design aren't good - In fact they ARE good in most areas that matter to customers at every level, take away predjudice and in fact they are every bit as good as most US stuff, and also several of the EU brands such as Roco for example!

The problem I have is with how much variability there is between their product. e.g. I got one of their newer A4's a couple of months ago and it's great. It would fit with the above quote. However there is still the Pendelino and GNER 225 in the same range which definitely would not. You just don't know what you are going to get, the good or the bad. Maybe if they moved the lemons into their RailRoad range it would give the regular range more prestige and credibility?
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