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As this has regrettably resurfaced, I suppose I need to disclaim misuse of a phrase of mine to make very serious , sweeping general accusations about potentially large numbers of people in the hobby, without any substantiation

I used the phrase "welcome to UK 4mm D+E" in a very specific context , controlled by quotations:

Firstly there was dbclass50's comment:

I suggest that the critics be a little "gentle" on the manufacture for there first effort, it's a learning curve for them, suggest rather than complain, praise where due & they will probably produce more UK models of locos that the modeller wants.

In principle , I'd have some sympathy with this approach to a munufacturer

Further down the thread spongebob commented on the response to that comment :

Ah well so much for go easy on it.

I quoted spongebob and made my now notorious remark.

I was specifically alluding to the fact that in recent years the merits and flaws of new 4mm RTR , especially diesel locos , have been crawled over with great intensity and some emotion on the internet and also in some of the magazines. I may think it's been OTT, and that the heated emotions generated have made it counterproductive, but it was very naive to think that faced with a model diesel in OO people on an internet forum were going to politely ignore any flaws in order to be nice to the manufacturer

Whatever your views on overheated reviewing, closed Yahoo groups, or light "bleed" this is light years away from disorderly behavoiur , ASBOs, railtours , and all the other muck flying round the thankfully deleted "Laddish Behaviour " thread.

I was at Warley 06 , on one day, helping with a stand and the atmosphere was calm relaxed and very pleasant . Those present on both days reported likewise. A club I'm a member of had a layout at Glasgow: none of those I've spoken to who were with the layout mentioned anything wrong about the show. Any attempt to speculate to the contrary (particularly by anyone not at the event concerned ) would be worse than mischevous

In no sense could the OP of that deleted topic be considered to be acting as any knind of messenger for me.

Now can we get back to model making
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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